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In how many days or months, you can find a suitable job matching my qualification and experience?

It depends mainly on vacancies. Some time we get vacancies, matching your profile within 10-15 days while other it may take even 3-4 months. There is no parameter for this however average time frame is 4-6 months based on our experience but no commitment can be made

Can we contact your consultant on phone or in person or in any other manner at regular interval to know status of my application?

You are welcome to contact us any time however the best method is to reach us via mail candidates@skcmanagement.com / skc@skcmanagement.com. If you would like to speak to someone you can call the numbers as mentioned at site in CONTACT US link. during official working hours ( 10AM to 630 PM ) . Since the number of calls received in a day are very high in volume, its practically not possible to answer every call in detail however we maintain complete record of yours and when required, we contact you or provide details of concerned H R Consultant to get in touch with him.

If my cv is not short listed against the advertised position or not selected in final interview by client, then what will be status of my application?

Your cv will remain in our database for future reference, at our discretion. We will inform your Registration Code by e mail, mail or Phone and you must quote it for all future vacancies and other correspondence.

What is duration of employment in general with any company in overseas country or is there any contract period? If it is contractual job, what is normal period of such contracts?

The jobs are permanent in general however contract positions are not uncommon. The usual contract period is from 1 year to 3 years, depending on country local labor laws (Pls see our links COUNTRY DETAILS) and probation period is 3 months to 6 months extendable unless confirmed in writing by company. It also depends on mutual agreement between employer & employee as long as it is not violating labour law of country, where hired.

Will you consider a CV, which has hire expectation of salary then what is advertised either on net or in Newspapers by your consultancy.

The salary is in general an indication and can very depending on skill and experience. You can justify your claim of higher expectations during personal interview with your past achievements.

Are there any approved medical centers to do medicals in India, if someone is selected for overseas? Is it mandatory to go for medical?

Please see our “Approved Medical Center List, where we have mentioned list of approved medical centers. Some countries require medicals before visa processing. Each country has own rules & laws.

Do you update your vacancies, interview schedule and Walk- in- interview regularly?

Yes, we do and if you need any clarification on a particular position, which is advertised, please write a mail to concerned SKC consultant or call if badly required.

Does SKC look employment for me actively and any assurance on that part?

SKC Management Consultancy is Human Resources Consultants. We are appointed by our clients to forward CVS or to identify and introduce candidates who match their requirements and hence we are proactive on their behalf. Their can be no assurances for employment on behalf of our client.

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